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Enforcing Court Order

Enforcing A Court Order

Enforcing a Court Order: Getting your money after a judgment. There are a number of steps to take when enforcing a court order for a money judgment in your favour. Most litigants believe that when an order is made, the debtor will pay right away. While...


Frustration of a Contract

Frustration of a Contract and getting your deposit back from a business Frustration of a contract happens when it is impossible to provide services stipulated under an executed contract. This year, many businesses have closed their shops due to COVID-19 and provincial regulations requiring certain...

contempt of court

Contempt of Court in the Supreme Court

Contempt of Court Self-represented litigants may feel empowered to conduct their cases in ways which they believe justifies their case and cause. While self-representation can be beneficial for a learned litigant, there are fundamental principles in the court room that must be followed by all parties. One...

corona virus

The Quarantine Act

What is the (Canadian) Quarantine Act? The Quarantine Act is Canada’s response to the corona virus (also known as COVID-19). The main focus of the Quarantine Act (the “Act”) is to prevent the spread of the virus in Canada. Amongst other regulations, the Act allows border officials...

Examination for Discovery

Examination for Discovery – Part II

Examination for Discovery for Self-represented Litigants: Part II This post follows our segment on Discovery for Self-represented Litigants found here. To recap, examination for discovery enables a party to examine the other party orally, prior to a trial. One party is able to determine the veracity of...


Discovery in Litigation

Discovery for Self-represented Litigants The discovery process is the part of the lawsuit that requires an exchange of documents between parties. At times, the process can be lengthy. The purpose of discovery is to uncover facts of evidence which may assist or hurt a case. Parties...

airline dispute

Vancouver and Surrey Lawyers for airline passenger rights

What you should know about airline passenger rights Keeping up with airline passenger rights can be difficult. According to the Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPR) (SOR/2019-150), Canadians are entitled to certain protections when flying. These regulations apply to small and large carriers alike such...


Setting up a Subsidiary in Canada

Vancouver and Surrey Lawyers for registering your subsidiary in Canada Need to operate a Canadian subsidiary under your American parent company? Our Vancouver business lawyers have a number of years of experience in registering American companies in Canada and are here to assist with...

register business in Ontario

Register your company in Ontario

Vancouver and Surrey Lawyers for registering your company from another province to Ontario Business Registration: Need to register your extra-provincially registered company to Ontario? This resource will highlight some of the ways that your business can operate legally from one province to another. ...