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airline dispute

Vancouver and Surrey Lawyers for airline passenger rights

What you should know about airline passenger rights Keeping up with airline passenger rights can be difficult. According to the Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPR) (SOR/2019-150), Canadians are entitled to certain protections when flying. These regulations apply to small and large carriers alike such...


Setting up a Subsidiary in Canada

Vancouver and Surrey Lawyers for registering your subsidiary in Canada Need to operate a Canadian subsidiary under your American parent company? Our Vancouver business lawyers have a number of years of experience in registering American companies in Canada and are here to assist with...

register business in Ontario

Register your company in Ontario

Vancouver and Surrey Lawyers for registering your company from another province to Ontario Business Registration: Need to register your extra-provincially registered company to Ontario? This resource will highlight some of the ways that your business can operate legally from one province to another. ...

class action lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuits : Red Bull’s Settlement

Class action lawsuits involve legal claims where one of the parties (the plaintiffs) are represented collectively by a single member of the group. In atypical cases, defendants can represent the group or the class action. The plaintiffs are typically represented by a law firm. The...

intellectual property litigation

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual Property LitigationIntellectual property litigation involves the litigation of intellectual property disputes. Intellectual property disputes involve disagreements regarding the right to ideas, creations and inventions. The owner of the intellectual property files a dispute against the infringer of the intellectual property once potential...

retail businesses

Clothing Retail Businesses

Clothing Retailers and Fast FashionClothing retail businesses specializing in vintage and previously worn clothing have gained traction in the last few years. Similar to technologically innovative companies like “Uber”, “Just Eat”, “Square” and “Stitch Fix”, contemporary retail businesses have started to offer services...

Blockchain litigation

Blockchain Litigation

Blockchain LitigationBlockchain court cases have risen drastically in the last two years. In one case that was initiated early last year, a U.S. attorney brought a case against “One Coin”. One Coin was known by many in the cryptocurrency industry as an up-and-coming...

social media for businesses

Social Media for Small Businesses

Social Media for Small BusinessesWhether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned business professional, mass email marketing and online campaigns are powerful tools for engaging with your current customer base and securing future clients. Email marketing includes emailing promotional material for certain...


The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) & Litigation

New changes to legislation governing personal injury could see a reduction in the amount and numbers of claims brought in a personal injury suit in British Columbia. BC Supreme Court Civil Rules will be amended to allow for early settlements and a larger number of...