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Obtaining a judgment from a person or a company can be a complex task with many steps

Obtaining a judgment

Obtaining a judgment from a person or a company can be a complex task with many steps.   The first step is to accurately identify the business that owes you. If there is more than one party or organization that owes you funds, it is important...

Outpost Productions Lawsuit

Outpost Productions Lawsuit

Outpost Productions Lawsuit A number of film companies, such as Outpost Productions, have served Canadian households with lawsuits alleging copyright infringement. These lawsuits allege that a person within the household caused a movie to be shared publicly on the internet. What may happen is that a person...

class action lawsuits and movie downloads

Class action lawsuits and movie downloads

Class Action Lawsuits and Movie downloads In the last few years, major production and film companies have filed class action lawsuits against Canadian households for allegedly uploading and downloading movies. In their lawsuits filed in the Federal Court of Canada, some of these lawsuits have claimed that...

Rogers service outage

Rogers Service Outage

Rogers Outage Tips: What comes next?   Many businesses have been affected by the Rogers Canada-wide outage. Point of sale systems and debit machines are only processing credit card payments and some businesses are only accepting cash. As a somewhat cashless society, this has caused a loss of...

Enforcing Court Order

Enforcing A Court Order

Enforcing a Court Order: Getting your money after a judgment. There are a number of steps to take when enforcing a court order for a money judgment in your favour. Most litigants believe that when an order is made, the debtor will pay right away. While...


Frustration of a Contract

Frustration of a Contract and getting your deposit back from a business Frustration of a contract happens when it is impossible to provide services stipulated under an executed contract. This year, many businesses have closed their shops due to COVID-19 and provincial regulations requiring certain...

contempt of court

Contempt of Court in the Supreme Court

Contempt of Court Self-represented litigants may feel empowered to conduct their cases in ways that they believe justify their case and cause. While self-representation can be beneficial for a learned litigant, there are fundamental principles in the courtroom that must be followed by all parties. One fundamental...