Construction Disputes

Construction Dispute

Construction Disputes

Construction disputes occur quite frequently in the lower mainland.

Disputes range from non-payment of fees, to unfinished work, to shoddy workmanship.

Disputes can also arise from building codes which are not met, or building standards that are built to the incorrect code.

Effects can range from aesthetic defects, defective or uneven surfaces or platforms that are not fit for purpose.

When a dispute arises between parties, each party may attempt to settle the dispute by producing or responding to a deficiency list. A deficiency list is an itemized checklist that requires attention from another party.

A deficiency list can include the following requests:

  • Work that has not been completed according to specifications from the developer or the home owner;
  • Fixtures that require further work; and
  • Incorrect installs.
  • Deficiency lists can also include items not mentioned above.

    If one party decides not to follow through with their end of the contract, the other party may have the legal option of filing a claim for breach of contract. Other remedies include damages, quantum meruit, and specific performance.

    What are other items included in a deficiency list?

    • Repairing broken windows;
    • Installing correct boilers or tanks;
    • Fixing chipped baseboards; and
    • Painting panels or staining floors.
    • What are my options if I find a deficiency in the work?

        If you are disputing the quality of work or the non-payment of an invoice of a construction agreement, get in touch with one of our lawyers to go over your options. We have a highly skilled team of construction litigation attorneys who are here to help review your contracts, negotiate the terms of a construction agreement and settle any construction disputes you may have with a builder, construction worker, sub-contractor, developer, or material provider.

        Get in touch with us at or give us a call at 604-930-9578 to go over your options.

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