Register your company in Ontario

register business in Ontario

Register your company in Ontario

Vancouver and Surrey Lawyers for registering your company from another province to Ontario

Business Registration: Need to register your extra-provincially registered company to Ontario?

This resource will highlight some of the ways that your business can operate legally from one province to another.

This guide provides a brief overview for existing franchises, partnerships and associations in provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Once you have decided to register your business in Ontario, there are a few steps to take in order to formalize your operations.


How can I register for other corporate services?

Through Service Ontario, extra-provincial corporations can electronically register their businesses online. Other corporate services include Retail Sales Tax Vendor Permits, Employer Health Tax and Workplace Safety registrations and Insurance Registration. Registering through Business Registration Online allows your company to enlist for a Federal Business Number in Ontario.

What types of companies or partnerships can a business register?

Corporations and partnerships can register:

  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Extra-provincial Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Extra-provincial Limited Liability Companies
  • What is a Limited Liability Partnership?

    A Limited Liability Partnership, also known as a LLP, is a business in which the liability of a the business is limited. Furthermore, the profits and losses of the business are reported against each partners rather than the partnership as a whole. In essence, any loses are carried through partners and set off through other income in ideal business circumstances. LLPs are limited to partners within the accounting and legal industry. The LLP designation is typically reserved for accountants and lawyers.

    What is an extra-provincial Limited Liability Partnership?

    An extra-provincial Limited Liability Partnership follows the same corporate structure as a regular LLP except the extra-provincial LLP has previously been registered in another province.

    What is an extra-provincial Limited Liability Company?

    An extra-provincial Limited Liability Company, also known as ‘LLC’, is n unincorporated association other than a partnership that is formed under the laws of another province. Currently, Ontario does not initiate LLCs under its jurisdiction.

    Regardless of whether you are a not-for-profit, society, association, partnership or corporation, understanding what documents and forms are needed for registration in Ontario is the first step in being able to operate in Ontario as a previously registered Canadian business.

    Our Vancouver and Surrey lawyers are here to assist you with your extra-provincial registration. If you have questions regarding your business or you are wanting to set up an Ontario company, get in touch with one of our corporate attorneys today. Call us today at 604-930-9578 or 1-800-930-9986.

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