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Saidi Law Corp is also proud to offer standard incorporation packages starting from $1400 (plus applicable taxes). Our incorporation packages include NUANS name search/ provincial name searches, incorporation application fees and articles of incorporation for your new company.

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Saidi Law Corporation continues to expand its services in order to provide premium representation in the lower mainland.


We offer the following services:


  • Corporate Services
  • Actors/Artists Representation
  • Trade-mark Representation
  • Contract Drafting


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Franchising in Canada has become more lucrative than ever. Canada’s franchise industry is expected to expand exponentially in the next five years.


Franchising has particularly become popular in the food and textile industry.


Other sectors in franchising that have gained traction are the commercial and residential sectors, the education and educational products sectors, and the retail sector.


As franchising opportunities require ongoing communication between the franchisor and franchisee, our services focus on building key relationships between franchisors and potential franchisees.


Partnerships between franchisors and franchisees require clear and comprehensive franchise agreements. A single clause can cause confusion, and may end in a legal dispute.


Typical franchise agreements involve clauses on support services or systems that the franchisors provide to the franchisee.


Other clauses must include provisions on the oversight of brand advertising, marketing, and staffing.


As a franchisee in Canada, you will need to understand the ramifications of operating as an independent small business owner. As an independent business owner, you will need to consider extensive operations, management, your franchise location, day-to-day operations, training, scheduling, CRA and tax obligations, employee hiring, HR, and wages.


Although franchises usually offer great benefit, there are other factors to contend with, particularly when large investments are at stake.


To learn more about franchising in Canada, visit our article on franchising.





As gas prices reach an all-time high in Vancouver, more BC residents have opted to purchase their gas in the U.S. Duty-free shopping, wholesale-priced groceries, and lower-priced spirits have also been attractive factors.


As the move towards shopping in the U.S. becomes increasingly lucrative, it has become ever more prudent to review tariffs and duties on goods prior to leaving and returning to Canada.


The length of your absence from Canada will dictate the quantity and cost of goods you will be able to bring back to Canada, along with any personal exemptions you may be entitled to.


Travelling to the U.S. for more than 24 hours


If you’re travelling to the United States for longer than a day, you can claim goods worth up to $200 CAD.


Tobacco and alcoholic beverages are not included in the exemption.


Travelling to the U.S. for more than 48 hours


With respect to alcoholic beverages, Canadian residents are eligible to bring back either of:


  • Two 750 ml bottles of wine
  • Up to 40 fluid ounces of spirits (usually one large standard bottle of liquor) OR
  • 24 cans or bottles of beer or ale


As CBSA regulations change from time to time, it’s important to review CBSA’s website prior to your departure.