Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

What is technological innovation? While it is a term heard often in TEDx presentations and various tech events, it is more than a simple catchphrase or buzzword. Technological innovation in the U.S.A and Canada has allowed us to carry out everyday tasks with ease that would not have been possible in previous years. A good example of technological innovation is the 5G network that will be available in Canada in upcoming years. Most networks in Canada run on 4G. 5G networks will allow cities in Canada to control traffic more efficiently, increase the flow of public transportation, and streamline other utilities and public services. 5G networks are not solely for personal devices, but they can power up entire cities in a fraction of the time that 4G networks take to operate. 5G Networks are only one example of technical innovation that has changed the way we live today.

Other forms of technological innovation include the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to calculate probabilities of case outcomes in court and the use of 3D printing in software, textiles, and buildings.

The biggest challenge to technological innovation is the transmission and sharing of information from one nation to another. As trade deal discussions have no doubt suffered during the last month between the U.S.A and Canada, what the future holds for technological innovation in light of free trade remains to be seen.

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