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Saidi Law Corp is proud to offer unbundled services. Unbundled services are legal services that are offered at a more affordable rate than legal services offered under full-representation. When a client represents themselves, they can choose to use an unbundled service whereby a lawyer assists with the matter on a piecemeal basis. The lawyer may assist with research, drafting of documents, and general legal advice. Generally speaking, the lawyer does not attend court and the client is responsible for remaining cognizant of timelines and the rules of the court. There are pros and cons to unbundled services. To learn more about unbundled services, get in touch with us at




Saidi Law Corporation is proud to provide legal aid services through the Legal Services Society (LSS) of British Columbia. The LSS offers legal services to residents of British Columbia at a reduced cost, and in many cases, free of charge.


The mission of the LSS is to provide legal services to financially disadvantaged British Columbians. While LSS offers legal services in a number of practice areas, including criminal law, family law, and immigration, Saidi Law Corp’s focus is family law and immigration via the LSS scheme.


Family law services include drafting parenting agreement, assistance with child support requests, family law proceedings, child orders and child access.


Immigration issues include refugee claims, IRB proceedings, deportations, and claims based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.





In order to provide multiple payment methods and to facilitate the payment of invoices online, Saidi Law Corporation accepts payment of invoices via LawPay.


LawPay is an online payment platform specifically created for the intake of online legal payments. LawPay’s payment platform uses the highest level of security. With a Level a PCI certified rating, its online security systems comply with all PCI standards.


LawPay accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover card, and American Express.


In addition to LawPay, Saidi Law Corp also accepts payment of services and invoices via Paypal.


In an effort to provide convenient ways to pay for your legal services, Saidi Law Corp continues to accept traditional methods of payment, including cash, electronic transfer, debit, and all major credit cards.


For specific inquiries on our accepted methods of payment, contact us at 604-930-9578 or email us at





Saidi Law Corporation has refreshed its website.


Our website update features an easily accessible portal to pay your invoice. Invoices can easily be paid via our secure client portal, LawPay or Paypal.


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